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Exodus 26:26-30 meaning

Along with the boards and the sockets, the LORD commanded that bars be made. Presumably they were needed to reinforce the frame of the tabernacle walls.

Next, the Israelites were to make bars of acacia wood. The bars mentioned here, made of acacia wood, were probably crossbars that supported the sides and the trellises of the tabernacle.

There were to be fifteen bars in all (vv. 26 - 27). Ten bars were to be used for the boards on each side, five on the north side and five on the south side.

Another five bars were to be used on the back (i.e. west) side of the tabernacle.

The middle bar in the center of the boards shall pass through from end to end. This might mean that the middle bar was longer than the rest. It apparently passed through a hole drilled in the boards, whereas the other bars passed through rings.

The boards needed to be overlaid with gold, plus they were to make their rings of gold as holders for the bars. The bars were to support the boards that made the walls of the tabernacle.

Also, they needed to overlay the bars with gold.

In v. 30, the LORD reminded Moses that he was to erect the tabernacle according to its plan which he was shown in the mountain. This is a restatement of Exodus 25:40, which emphasizes how important it was to build the tabernacle to these exact specifications without any modifications or additions.


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