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Genesis 8:6-12 meaning

Noah sent out a raven to see if the water had dried yet. It did not return, so Noah sent out a dove three times to test the status of the earth. Finally, a dove returned with an olive leaf, so Noah knew the waters had abated.

God did not give Noah a revelation of when the flood would subside. Noah sent out a raven, a bird of prey. The raven did not return, it flew here and there until the water was dried up from the earth. Then, Noah sent out a dove, but it returned, finding no resting place for the sole of her foot.

Seven days later, Noah sent out the dove from the ark again, this time the dove returned with a freshly picked olive leaf. The olive leaf (an emblem of life) was the first sign that life would continue, and all would be well. The emerging earth would once again support life as it had in the beginning. Now, Noah knew the waters had abated from the earth. Noah waited yet another seven days then sent out a third dove but she did not return to him again, presumably because it made a home on the earth. 

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